Welcome to our bustling printing house, where creativity meets functionality! Here at our cozy corner of the printing world, we’re not just about ink on paper; we’re about bringing your ideas to life in vivid color and crisp detail.

Picture this: we’re the wizards of stickers, the maestros of binding, and the champions of high-quality printing from the tiniest A8 to the colossal A0 and beyond. Whether it’s binding your hard-earned thesis or jazzing up your space with a larger-than-life poster, we’ve got you covered!

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just about binding and printing; we’re about making your vision pop. Need a set of snazzy business cards to make a memorable impression? We’ve got it. How about a personalized calendar to keep track of your busy schedule? Consider it done. Oh, and laminating? We’ll protect your precious documents like they’re our own.

So, whether you’re a student in need of sleek Skripten or a business owner looking to spruce up your marketing materials, think of us as your friendly neighborhood printing pals, here to fulfill all your printing dreams and then some!

Unfortunately, we are closed until the beginning of the next semester in October. We wish you good luck in your exams!


For whatever you may need, we’re here to assist you, and it’s simple:

  1. Fill out the form you’ll find at the Fachschaft or in the link here. Submit the form to the Fachschaft or send it to the following email: druckvorlagen@fsmb-ikom.de.
  2. Send your file to druckvorlagen@fsmb-ikom.de.
  3. We’ll send you an email as soon as your product is ready, and you can pick it up from the Skriptenverkauf during opening hours.



Email: druckvorlagen@fsmb-ikom.de

Phone: 08928915049



You can calculate the price here: Price calculator



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